Oxygene Tour

May 3rd - October 20th

For the second time in his career Jean Michel Jarre consented to go on a major tour, which once again took him around Europe. This time the concept was very different to that of his Europe in Concert tour, as the concerts would be held indoors. The French musician had previously only given indoor concerts during his mini-tour of China in 1981.

The tour coincided with the release of the Oxygene album sequel, Oxygene 7-13. Jarre gave 36 concerts in 15 European countries. Musically the concerts focused on the two Oxygene albums. Several of the numbers, such as Oxygene II and VI, had not been played at concerts for a considerable time. It was also during this tour that Jarre introduced his new plaything, the Theremin, one of the worlds oldest electronic instruments, which was invented by Russian, Leon Theremin, in 1917. The Theremin has since become a regular feature at Jarres concerts.


Oxygène 7
Chronologie 6
Equinoxe 7
Magnetic Fields 1
Oxygène 6
Oxygène 10
Oxygène 4
Oxygène 11
Souvenir of China
Oxygène 2
Magnetic Fields 2
Oxygène 5
Oxygène 8
Oxygène 12
Equinoxe 4
Oxygène 13


Jean Michel Jarre
Laurent Faucheux
Dominique Mahut
Christoph Papendieck
Dominique Perrier
Francis Rimbert