Oxygene in Concert

2007 - 2008

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of his seminal album, Jarre re-recorded the original score with the very best of today’s sound and studio technology, giving birth to a new digital master of his most renowned work.

The album was recorded on all of the original synthesisers in total respect of the very singular mood of this entire score.

To launch the new master recording and showcase all the rare vintage synthesisers, Jarre gave a series of concerts at the prestigious Theatre Marigny in Paris : a beautiful old-world traditional theatre. The repertoire was solely Oxygene and the staging was minimalist, leaving all the attention to the music and the living museum of rare instruments.

After a dozen of gigs in Paris, the concept went on the road for 70 concerts around Europe in the prestigious theaters such as The Royal Albert Hall in London, The Liceu in Barcelona or The Kremlin in Moscow.


Oxygene 1
Oxygene 2
Oxygene 3
Variation I
Oxygene 4
Variation II
Oxygene 5
Variation III
Oxygene 6
Oxygene 12
Oxygene 13


Jean Michel Jarre
Dominique Perrier
Francis Rimbert
Claude Samard