Europe In Concert


In 1993, Jean-Michel Jarre embarked on his first tour, named "Europe in Concert". The tour took him to most of Europe, except Scandinavia. It was sponsored by Swatch, who had collaborated with Jarre the previous year. The first concert was held on the tidal island of Mont Saint Michel in France. Laser beams and lights were projected onto the buildings on the island, and the stage was placed in front of the island itself during low tide. The stage and scenery for the tour were designed to look like a miniature city skyline, which Jarre transported across the continent.

The tour also coincided with the release of Jarre's first studio album in three years, Chronologie. This new composition was central to the tour's repertoire. In total, the tour was seen by 650,000 people.

Dates and Places:

28. Juli 1993
Mont St. Michel, France

1. August 1993
Lausanne, Switzerland

19. August 1993
Budapest, Hungary

24. August 1993
Brussels, Belgium

28. August 1993
Wembley Stadion, London, England

1. September 1993
Manchester, England

5. September 1993
Marseilles, France

11. September 1993
Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany

12. September 1993
Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany

21. September 1993
Montauban, France

24. September 1993
Versailles, France

29. September 1993
Santiago de Compostella, Spain

2. October 1993
Sevilla, Spain

6. October 1993
Barcelona, Spain

16. October 1993
Tours, France


Chronologie 1
Equinoxe 4
Chronologie 2
Chronologie 3
Chronologie 4
Chronologie 5
Chronologie 6
Magnetic Fields 2
Chronologie 8
Band in the Rain (unplugged)
Oxygene part 4
Fourth Rendez-Vous
Second Rendez-Vous
Chronologie 4 (encore)


Jean-Michel Jarre
Guy Delacroix
Sylvain Durand
Laurent Faucheux
Dominique Mahut
Dominique Perrier
Francis Rimbert
Patrick Rondat