Electronic Night

July 14
Champ de Mars, Paris, France

Just two days after France had won the Football World Cup and there was naturally a euphoric atmosphere in Paris.

Jarre was called upon to celebrate with grandeur France’s victory and to offer the French, the international football fans and tourists, a night to remember in the City of Lights.

Musically this was decidedly a techno-style, up-tempo concert all round, as the music played was primarily from the remix album, Odyssey Through O2.

To mark the occasion several of the DJs and musicians who worked on the album, including the British group, Apollo 440, the German Resistance D, French DJ Cam, and the Japanese producer, Tetsuya TK Komuro, took part in the concert. Together with a Jarre in particularly fine form they entertained over 800,000 revellers. In addition to works from Odyssey Through O2 a new version of Eldorado was presented, as well as two versions of Together Now, and a completely new piece called Paris Underground, composed by Jarre and TK.


Rendez-vous 98 (Apollo 440 Remix)
Together Now (Instrumental)
Together Now (Parlez-vous Français Mix)
Oxygene 7 (DJ Cam Remix)
Oxygene in the Ghetto (Rap sur Oxygene 4)
Eldorado (Japanese Mix)
Oxygene 8 (Hani’s Oxygene 303)
Paris Underground
Oxygene 13 (TK Remix)
Oxygene 10 (Apollo 440 Remix Dub)
Oxygene 10 (Resistance D Treatment)
Oxygene 8 (Sunday Club)
Oxygene 12
Revolution, Revolutions


Jean Michel Jarre
Apollo Four Forty
Dadou de KDD
DJ Cam
Testsuya “TK” Komuro
Claude Monnet
Christoph Papendieck
Resistance D
Trigga Tha Gamble