Destination Docklands

October 8 - 9
Docklands, London, England

The Docklands concerts (there were two), were held at the London Docks after long negotiations and a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing on the part of the local community authorities. The Docks were to create the setting for a presentation of Jarres album, Revolutions, an album clearly inspired by the history of the Docklands. The concerts scheduled for September finally took place in October and the weather turned out to be typically British – rain and strong winds. Despite the weather, the concert tickets sold in record time of a few hours, for a total of 400,000 in total over the two dates.

The stage was built on a 1,000 ton floating barge which lay in the Thames, on which Jarre and his musicians, a choir and an orchestra performed. It was as though this bleak area had been transformed for two evenings into an industrial, futuristic, multimedia theatre, which united Jarres electronic music and vision, and the drab landscape of the Docklands in perfect, psychedelic harmony.


Part 1:Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution, Overture
Industrial Revolution (part 1 3)
Equinoxe 5

Part 2: Swinging 60’s
Computer Weekend
Magnetic Fields 2
Oxygene 4
Equinoxe 7
London Kid (with Hank Marvin)

Part 3: The 90’s
Rendez-Vous 3
Tokyo Kid
Souvenir of China
Rendez-Vous 2
Rendez-Vous 4

Part 4: The Finale
The Emigrant


Jean Michel Jarre
Guy Delacroix
Sylvain Durand
Christine Durand
Kudsi Erguner
Michel Geiss
Joe Hammer
Dino Lumbroso
Hank Marvin
Dominique Perrier
Francis Rimbert
Mireille Pombo
Sori Bomba (conductor September)
Bruno Rossignol (Choir conductor)
Setsuko Yamada (Dance performer)
Xavier Bellenger (Ethnical music advisor)