Bridge From The Future

May 12th
Bratislava, Slovakia

Jean-Michel Jarre, with special guest Sir Brian May, launched the seventh STARMUS Festival with a spectacular concert, "Bridge from the Future," in Bratislava. Set against the backdrop of the iconic SNP Bridge, Jarre, a pioneer in electronic music and large-scale outdoor events, unveiled a futuristic staging installation featuring synchronized architectural lighting, lasers, a 400-drone ballet, and fireworks.

The concert, which included 19 works spanning Jarre's career, also featured a new arrangement of Antonín Dvořák’s ‘New World Symphony’, marking a historic collaboration between Jarre and May. The performance incorporated elements of Slovakian culture with the participation of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir.

This ambitious production, meticulously designed by Jarre himself, involved over 100 people and represented the largest stage ever constructed in Slovakia. In line with environmental responsibility, the production has committed to forest preservation efforts to offset its carbon footprint.

The concert was televised and livestreamed globally, and recordings are available online. It inaugurated STARMUS Earth, a festival that unites science, art, and music to explore critical questions about our planet's future. Founded by astrophysicist Garik Israelian and Brian May, STARMUS aims to inspire and educate while addressing pressing global challenges.

Jean-Michel Jarre, a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, expressed his honor in participating in the festival, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs to shape a positive future.

This year's STARMUS Festival focuses on "The Future of our Home Planet," highlighting the critical role of science and art in ensuring a sustainable future for Earth. The five-day event includes lectures, discussions, and the annual Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication presentation. Jarre, a 2017 recipient, has recently joined the STARMUS Advisory Board.

Richard Marko, CEO of ESET, the festival's main partner, expressed his enthusiasm for Jarre's opening performance and the symbolism of the SNP Bridge as a connection between past and future, reflecting both ESET's journey and the importance of science in progress.

Garik Israelian, co-founder of STARMUS, highlighted the significance of kicking off this special edition with Jarre's spectacular performance, aligning with the festival's goal of engaging the public in the big questions of our time.


The Opening
Epica Oxygene
Oxygene 2
Web Spinner
Equinoxe 4
Equinoxe 7
Falling Down
Industrial Revolution Part 2
The Architect
Zero Gravity
Rendez-vous Bratislava
New World Symphony
Oxygene 19
Rendez-vous 4
Bratislava Time


Jean-Michel Jarre
Sir Brian May
Claude Samard
Adiescar Chase


Tomas Kika (stage)
Mark Gidley
Eric Cornic
Dagmar Pappova
Jan Karaffa
Greg Rybczynski
Jesper Andsbjerg
Raneza Andsbjerg