AERO – Tribute to the Wind

7. September
Gammel Vraa Enge, Aalborg, Denmark

Jean Michel Jarre’s first open air concert in Scandinavia was staged in a rainy windmill field in Denmark, close to Gl. Vrå. The inspiration for the show was wind, first and foremost as an alternative energy source but also the wind as natural force. It was rain, however, that stole the show and turned the windmill field into a regular mud bath during and especially after the concert when the audience tried to make their way home. Despite the tough weather conditions the concert was an artistic success with good live-renditions from Jarre. Apart from two new quality compositions most of the tracks played had been rearranged for the show, some even quite a lot. The sound quality of the concert was one of the best Jarre has achieved for an open air show to date, and bearing in mind the difficult weather conditions and the location of the show, far away from everything and anything, this was simply impressive.

Visually the show focused mostly on the stage with impressive colourful and surreal computer images. The windmills also served as pillars of light and added a touch of futurist aesthetic to the concert while fireworks battled the heavy wind and rain.


AERO Introduction
Oxygene 4
Chronologie 6
Flute Intro
Oxygene 2
Equinoxe 4
Magnetic Fields 2
Millions of Stars
Equinoxe 7
Theremin Intro
Magnetic Fields 1
Oxygene 8
Flute Intro
Souvenir of China
Light My Sky
Oxygene 12
Second Rendez-Vous
Fourth Rendez-Vous
Oxygene 13


Jean Michel Jarre
Klarup Girls Choir
Francis Rimbert
Safri Duo
Aalborg Symphonic Orchestra