The future is everyone’s most important life project. It’s where we place our hopes and envision our lives. The future is meant to be shared!

Make the extraordinary moments of the Jean-Michel Jarre show, Bridge From The Future, last forever. This 24-hour adventure, filled with travel, community, and positive energy, was a collective experience that brought people together for one moment in time. Capture and share how you experienced this spectacular concert and civic event, which opened STARMUS Earth Festival, proudly presented by ESET Digital Security – protecting Art & Smart.

Share your experiences from Jean-Michel Jarre’s concert in Bratislava with the world. Whether you were there in person or experienced it from afar, your story contributes to the collective legacy and energy of this unique event.

Let’s create and share our vision of the future together, capturing the spirit of adventure, travel, and community that defines us!

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